Fibre is a high-speed method that transmits data by sending pulses of light through a fibre optic cable. It has many advantages over traditional connectivity such as copper lines and is immune to common electrical problems. This type of connectivity medium has an inherently high bandwidth capacity. Which allows for a much higher data transfer rate and a low probability of theft. Optic connections are faster, more reliable and are preferred by most businesses.

Licensed Wireless

GrandWell provides a licensed wireless solution that has exceptional upload and download speeds similar to fibre. It is ideal for organisations not serviced by either fibre or traditional connectivity, but who still require superior and reliable connectivity. Wireless is also a preferred fail-over solution for when your businesses primary link goes down, ensuring business continuity.

Mobile Data (LTE)

Mobile data has a plug and play capability with no physical line required. It is ideal for remote users and external employees.All data is pooled and a single data bundle applied across all networks.


Enables wireless connectivity to the Internet throughout your premises rather than physical wires connecting devices. Gives the ability to move within the area whilst still being connected.

Benefits include: Rapid deployment, national coverage, reliability, security. 


A Virtual Private Network (VPN), is a highly secure method of communicating with your business anywhere. VPNs can be set up via any connectivity medium.