Artificial Intelligence

At GrandWell we advise Artificial Intelligence companies on growth, scaling and expansion strategies for their businesses. We work closely with founders, managers and employees to develop practical and measurable recommendations that can be implemented quickly to start producing results.


Internet of Things (IoT)

At GrandWell, we work with companies to develop digital transformation strategies, processes and procedures to digitize their companies. Some of the primary issues we address to drive digital transformation are:

• Build Digital Customer Centric Ecosystems
• Develop quick and seamless consumer experiences
• Rethink and redevelop back-end operations, processes and procedures

Bespoke solution development

Grandwell builds customer specific business solutions, be it web, mobile, internet of things, cloud or business intelligence. Leveraging test driven development and continuous integration.

We provide experienced professionals to develop your software applications and systems. As they are aware of all the latest technologies and tools for software development and integrating databases and API’s. Our dedicated technical support team have great experience in maintenance and support services for applications round the clock to businesses across the globe at an affordable price to the customers

ERP systems implementation

A successful ERP solution is the foundation on which companies can launch new initiatives, streamline and improve existing operations, reduce costs and grow the bottom-line. But even the best ERP solutions count for nothing if they are not implemented properly.

Grandwell Professional Services provides skilled consultants who resource project implementations of ERP system and extensions to it.

If your business is looking for greater flexibility and increased productivity while also grappling with the problems of complexity and change, then you probably need the tools that will help you visualize and manage these complexities. You also need a way to review, revise and revamp operations right down to the process level.

Automation + Robotics

At GrandWell we advise Automation + Robotics companies on growth, scaling and innovation strategies for their businesses. For Traditional Companies we provide clear and actionable solutions to help them avoid issues which will arise from automation now and in the future.


Data, BI and Analytical Services

GrandWell offers Business Analytics and Intelligence services that can help you to make quick decisions & enhance business performance with accurate information. The core services lies in the following areas:

• Predictive Analysis
• Data Visualization
• Big Data
• Data Management
• Master Data Management